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Pre-Made Hair Wix Website 03

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Are you a boss babe on a budget but you're ready to take your business to the next level and launch your online store/website/Blog??? If you answered YES our $99 website deal is for you.

Click here to view a live preview of this template or visit

This website is for hair brands selling bundles, Indian hair, virgin hair and more. Take your beauty brand to the next level with this beautiful website:

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Pre-Made Website Terms and Conditions

  1. You understand that if you have selected Wix as your web host, the site will be transferred to you via Wix. If you have selected Shopify as your web host above, you understand the site will be transferred to you via Shopify. This template cannot be used with other web hosts (Wix, WooCommerce, Big Cartel, etc.)
  2. If you have selected Wix above and want your template transferred to an existing Wix account, you understand you will need to provide us with the email address that is associated with your Wix account. If you have selected Shopify above and want your template uploaded to an existing Shopify account, you understand that you will have to provide us with access to your Shopify store. (We will provide instructions in your welcome email after you have completed your purchase.)
  3. You understand that this purchase is for your design template only. You also understand that you will be required to pay for a hosting plan with Wix or Shopify directly. (Wix hosting plans at $23 monthly. Shopify hosting plans start at $29 monthly.)
  4. You understand this purchase is for the pre-made website template exactly as it appears in the preview link above.
  5. You understand this template includes stock images for products only. You also understand that you will be required to add your own product information.  You understand that while you are permitted to use the stock images, you will be required to fulfill your own store orders. 
  6. You understand the turnaround time for completion of your template is 3-5 business days. (You will receive the Vendors’ List immediately after your purchase is completed.)
  7. You understand we have a strictly No Refund policy and that we do not offer at any time after your purchase has been completed.
  8. You understand that once you have accepted the website transfer we no longer have control of the site.
  9. You understand that you will be required to enter your own shipping and payment settings for your template to be functional. (If you need assistance, you can book a consultation to speak with one of our Branding Experts.)
  10. You understand we do not offer any upgrades or add-ons for Wix templates

Please contact us with any questions you have before you purchase. WE HAVE A STRICT NO REFUND POLICY.