Get More Sales with these Shopify and Wix Apps
So you've launched your website now what, right?! This list of apps and tools will help you increase your traffic and sales if used right! This list comes with over 10 apps and tools that can be used on your...
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Brand Building Bible Digital Download
This journal is filled with insight, knowledge, and content to help launch and grow your online store. If you need help building your online brand but don’t know where to start or don’t have the money to spend coaching sessions...
$49.99 $24.99
10 Reasons Your Website Isn't Getting Sales EBOOK
So you've launched your website but the sales aren't coming in and let's be straight up YOU ARE SICK AND TIRED OF IT! We understand and we are here to help you. Who needs this E-Book: YOU if your website...
30 Days Of Content Marketing Plan EBOOK
This ebook will help you with your content marketing plan by giving strategy to follow, tips, insight and ideas. Ebook will download right after purchase!
Online Store Consultations
Should you book a website/store  consultation? 1. Do you need help understanding Shopify or Wix 2. Are you getting website traffic and no sales? 3. Do you need help developing a SEO plan for our online store 4. Do you not...
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Reaching Your Target Customer Workbook
This workbook is for those boss babes who need a little help narrowing down who their target customer is. You will miss the mark trying to market to everyone. You have to know what YOUR customer looks like, what they...
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DIY-Basic Business Plan Template
What's Included: You're going to get 10 different templates in DOCX format that can be edited and used to your business needs. A business plan is an essential element in starting and running a successful business. It doesn't matter if...
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5 Steps For Generating FREE Traffic E-Book
When it comes to getting your website in front of your target customer it can be very costly. This E-book will give you 5 free steps that are going to be great ways to get in front of new customers...
8 Secrets To Success On TikTok E-Book
Social media isn't going anywhere and if you're looking for a low-cost method for promoting your beauty or wellness business then this ebook is for you!  Tiktok is one of the top social media outlets and we've got eight secrets...
ECommerce Basics eBook
Did you know E-commerce is one of the only systems you can use to make money online that is truly long-lasting and sustainable, and, in a profitable niche, can keep making you money for many years to come? The 2020...
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Pre-Made New Hair Flyer
Editable pre-made e-flyer great for beauty brands and hair companies!  Your download will be accessible instantly and also emailed This graphic can be edited via Canva   What's Included: This is a download nothing will be shipped One design option...
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