How To Market Your Business For $100 Or Less


Happy Friday Boobies! I'm going to Jump right into it and say we all know that for most of us brown girls funding our businesses is hard as hell and no one is really giving us loans and backing so that means we are funding things ourselves. This is hard, frustrating and most of the damn time we aren't working with a lot AT ALL. Today I want to give you three ways you can market your business for $100 or less. Here's to building brands on a budget!

  1. Create a referral program for your business: Word of mouth is still one of the best and biggest ways to promote your business there's just a better way of doing it in 2020. Apps like Referral Candy assist you and provide a platform for you to create a great referral program. Let's admit we all like free stuff and if I can talk about something I really like and get it for FREE or get paid for it when one of my friends buys it WHY NOT?!  This can be even better than "influencer" marketing and it's more result driven. We are all influencers in our own circles imagine how much more money you could make if there were women and men all over the world sending customers to your website!

       2. Facebook Ads: If you have not had luck with Facebook ads you aren't doing them right babe. Here's a few tips: ONLY place ads from your ad manager dashboard or create your own target don't just let Facebook pick for you, Think long-term don't spend lots of money at once run a test ad first for about three days at $5 a day, don't use ads with lots of words but think more catchy images or videos, and always create ads with you EXACT target customer in mind.


     3. SMS Marketing: This can be a great tool text messaging marketing is becoming more and more of an asset to small business. By creating a "tribe" or inner circle of customers who want updates about your product and exclusive discounts you can scale your business in a big way.


So, you don't have to have a lot you just have to know how to work with what you do have. I hope this helps ladies. Keep me posted on how either of these works for you.

Don't forget to share this great knowledge with another girl boss!

I love you so much and pray many blessings over your business daily!


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